7 Feb 2010

Defining New Evolution Direction - Part I

Submitted by walecha
I'm writing this as an summary after reading some books, articles, news, etc about gens, genom, heredity, and the term of evolution itself. For hundred of years man believing the term of evolution start from small component of live which is called DNA or the reactive ones, RNA. The term of evolution actually start before Charles Darwin wrote Origin Of Species By Means of Nature in 1856, because this term had been around the globe since Aristotle. We can't deny the biggest history of man about who they really are, where mankind came from, etc. In every biological course, evolution had itself as a biggest start of every theory, critics, methods and knowledge. Evolution in history is the biggest reason why World War I and II erupted. But, with all those parts in science, histories, cultures, and politics, no one can claim what is evolution. This writing also just my summary, my selfish believing. I just want to share it, not to get some point with this. You can judge me wrong with this, but i'm not encourage you to follow my opinion. With all the evidence, which is most of it came from recent studies, research, discussion, etc, human genom can be concluded as the most complete genom compared with other species on earth. This lead itself has some point about how we can determine the origin of species itself. All I can say, that in my opinion, because the term of evolution means to be good or advance by reducing some or most unneeded parts of our component (organs, tissues, hormones, enzymes, metabolism, etc) to gain function as effective and efficient as we can, so in my thought, human stands as start point of evolution, not as a results of evolution. references: Darwin, Charles. (1911). Origins of Species by Means of Nature Selection. Hurst. Ridley, Matt. (2006, May 30). Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters. Harper Perennial.